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quinta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2015

Seminário LabSis de 03/09

    Hoje, quinta-feira, dia 03/09, às 16:30 h, no auditório do Módulo REUNI do Departamento de Geofísica, acontece o primeiro seminário do LabSis, do ciclo de 2015. O palestrante será o PhD   Antonio Manuel Molina Aguilera (Instituto Andaluz de Geofísica - Universidad de Granada, Espanha).

Título: Geodynamics under the Betic-Rif arc (western Mediterranean orogeny) constrained from receiver functions

The Betic-Rif arc is one of the smallest and tightest orogenic arcs on Earth, formed between the colliding continents of Europe and Africa and located in the western Mediterranean, its geological evolution exhibits complicated interactions between orogenic processes and widespread extensional tectonics. During the last decades the arc has become an important focus of scientific interest, numerous investigations have been developed in the area, resulting in a high-quality information nowdays. Making used of this high-resolution instrumentation and applying Receiver Function method our research group tries to shed some light on the controverted geodynamics of the region mapping crustal and lithospheric thickness.
Fonte: LabSis/UFRN
Antonio Manuel Molina, Joaquim Ferreira, Jordi Julià, Rodrigo Pessoa.

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